Lab Packs: Unknown and Dangerous

Even if you don't know what it is, we do, and we know how to handle it


Your lab has accumulated old samples and chemicals over the years and you are stuck with an inventory of small containers. Some of them are harmless. Some of them are dangerous. Many of them are unlabeled. These chemicals need to be identified and safely disposed, especially the ones that your lab vendor decided were “hard to handle” and left on your shelf without further identification.


We bring world-class expertise to bear on these problems with on-site personnel who have over 20 years of experience of managing hard-to-handle materials, drums, and lab packs. Clement Industries can safely and effectively provide end-to-end services for even the most difficult situations, including safety planning, identification, re-packaging, and all logistics for safe disposal. Cleaning up messes is what we do.


Lab packs typically contain materials like organic peroxides, water- and air- reactive metals, and toxic cylinders. Our personnel have provided service to hundreds of Hospitals, Colleges, Manufacturers, State and Federal Agencies, Universities, and Regulatory Agencies over the years.

The sooner you call us, the sooner we can help