Solvents and Paints

Hard to handle -- easy to recycle


Solvents of all types are highly flammable. They must be handled carefully but they have good options for recycling.


The solution depends on the nature of the stream. If there are several solvents mixed together with other materials we blend them with similar streams and have them used for fuel at cement kilns. If there is a larger volume of one or two different solvents we may have them separated and cleaned through distillation for re-use. If it’s a large, relatively clean stream we can often find direct alternate uses for them by other industrial concerns in lower spec applications. It’s always nice when we can turn a waste product into a commodity.


Toluene, xylene, benzene, and acetone are typical solvents used in industry for many applications, including paint constituents, chemical intermediates and carriers for chemical processing in industrial and pharmaceutical operations.

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