Consumer Goods

Secure destruction protects your reputation


As a manufacturer of household products your reputation is critical to your bottom line. So when you need to dispose of off-spec or out-of-date product or inventory simply taking it to the landfill isn’t an option. It’s an invitation to brand piracy. Scavengers regularly comb landfills for product they can sell online and at flea markets, regardless of its quality or condition. When product you intended to keep off the market is sold to your customers it endangers your reputation and their well being.


Clement Industries can provide you with secure ways to destroy your off-spec and discarded product and packaging.

  • If the product is primarily liquid we can put it through a solidification process that will prevent it from being repackaged for black market use, after which we send the treated material to the landfill
  • If the product is solid, contains packaged liquids (household cleaners, toothpaste, etc.), or is a simple consumer good (toothbrush, comb, etc.) we can put the discarded inventory through an industrial shredder, solidify any liquid waste, and send the resulting debris to the landfill
  • If the customer is worried about landfilling the product regardless of treatment, we can incinerate it completely through our waste-to-energy or direct incineration programs, leaving absolutely no byproduct.


A large cosmetics manufacturer took brand protection lightly until the Charleston Port Authority found a shipping container bound for China with half a million dollars of their off-spec perfume. They came to Clement looking for a solution. We were able to blend the perfume into a form of high-energy fuel used by heavy machinery. This custom solution was more cost effective than other treatment methods and saved them $500,000 in stolen profits.

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